Published by Kona Books

TT is a publication documenting a collaborative public art installation by Cyprien Gaillard and Andro Wekua, installed in the Nutsubidze skybridge. The two-seater bench created from Kazbegi-sourced diabase sits in one of the alcoves along the public walkway. The publication features images of the sculpture and of Nutsubidze, along with two essays on the project by curator Marina Caron and artist and writer Salome Kokoladze.

Installed in a heavily used, and architecturally distinct, public space, Gaillard and Wekua’s sculpture offers a place for passersby to slow down, rest, or spend time. Specifically designed as a two-seater, the sculpture in part refers to the friendship shared by the two artists. The bench is a collaborative investigation into their shared interests in memory and place. Caron’s essay begins with a description of the work and of the skybridge, going on to frame the piece through philosopher Henri Lefebvre’s writing on public space. Kokoladze’s essay looks at Gaillard and Wekua’s work through contemporary approaches to public art that emphasize art’s role in urban morphology.


ISBN 9789941844324

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