Taiwan Strait: Conscious City Incubator
Published by Jap Sam Books

Universities and Architecture Schools involved in this publication: Architectural Association London. London Metropolitan University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Xiamen University, Tung Hai University Taichung, TU Berlin.

Other institutions: CHORA UK London, CHORA NL, CHORA Berlin, CHORA Conscious City at the TU Berlin.

The Taiwan Strait is a liminal space, and a natural incubator. These two conditions create a unique opportunity for implementing a future city-making process.

The Conscious City concept brings together all the challenges facing contemporary city-making. It is a concept for the urban curation processes required for future cities; for adapting to the impacts of climate change, emerging intelligences, a growing population, affordable housing, the need for a new pact with nature, as well as navigating the peaceful transformations in the way we live which shape our future.This book serves as a manual for creating the Taiwan Strait Conscious City Incubator, introducing a gamification method that encourages actors and agents from various communities, institutions, and disciplines to collaborate in planning a new kind of city.

Taiwan Strait Conscious City Incubator is of interest to those both within and beyond the fields of architecture and urbanism; to architects, researchers, architectural historians, urban planners, students, as well as those engaged in politics, the economy, and culture. Most importantly, it is for citizens anywhere in the world who wish to play and shape the future.

Raoul Bunschoten is the founder of CHORA. He is the former Professor of Sustainable Urban Planning and Urban Design at the Technical University of Berlin, a Senior Research Fellow at the ECDF (Einstein Centre Digital Future), and is President of the Bauhütte 4.0, Berlin, which he cofounded with Fraunhofer. He graduated in architecture at the ETH Zurich, taught at the Architectural Association London, The Berlage Institute in the Netherlands, and the London Metropolitan University. He currently lives in London and Berlin.






April 2024

ISBN 9789493329089

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