Simone Engelen
Published by Fw:Books

A defining moment for Simone Engelen was when she was sexually abused by two individuals during her high school year in the U.S. This devastating event not only influenced how Engelen interacts with others but also reshaped her perception of intimacy. In ‘27 Drafts’, she visually articulates this inner battle of dealing with her body, identity and feminity. Her inward journey began with shame, and led her to develop coping mechanisms involving addiction, anger and control issues. In 2022 Engelen decided to go back to the U.S. with her mother in order to find closure. It evolved into an exploration of a past life, in which the photographer used her camera as a filter to create necessary distance and engage in conversations long avoided. The title refers to the 27 attempts she has made to put into words the impact of this assault; simply seeking ways to share this single event – that shaped the most formative years of her life.







ISBN 9789083345970

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