Paolo Scheggi
Published by Silvana Editoriale

“A point, a hole, a gap. A cut, a gash, a wound. The gaze stretches out towards openings, discovers small and large concavities, focal lines converge and branch out between chromatic shadows and traces of light: we go with our eyes towards what wants to be looked at, the object of perceptive desire. […] The work as the starting point of a venture between what exists and what can only be imagined.”

This book is a moment of reflection on Paolo Scheggi’s (1940-1971) multidisciplinary research and his intense investigation developed over little more than a decade: a seemingly insignificant stretch of time in the slow and irrevocable evolution of the history of modern and contemporary Western art which defines him as a very young protagonist of the Italian spatialist and monochrome neo-avant-garde, and pioneer of contemporary languages.






June 2023

ISBN 9788836654208

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