On My Doorstep

Love for the small and the close is intricately woven into the fibers of this delicate, intimate book. Every aspect of this project exudes a sensitive attention to detail, from the thin, 52-gram paper with a natural look and soft touch to the Japanese binding and the small format.

The photos align with a tradition of romantic nature photography but with a subtle twist that prevents the entire work from becoming clichéd. The black-and-white illustrations, printed in duotone, give the entire book a classic appearance. However, thanks to the chosen papers, the binding, and the absence of page numbers, the book presents a fresh, contemporary impression.

The Japanese binding technique is employed effectively, with photos often flowing onto the next page, providing the reader with the sensation of standing in the middle of the depicted landscape. The interplay of images of different sizes, from single pictures that fill a whole spread to combinations across the page with smaller images, creates an attractive visual rhythm. Skillful printing and lithography ensure the right amount of ink for achieving contrast on this paper, avoiding the pitfall of clogging up some images that contain subtle detail.

The cover is also appealing, with the front and rear boards forming a photographic diptych, and the title and author's name appearing only on the spine. A modest plea for the gentle, vulnerable, and poetic







ISBN 9789080876781

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