LB 20 Viana de Lima: Casa das Marinhas
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LB 20 VIANA DE LIMA CASA DAS MARINHAS is the twenty-fifth title from the LONG BOOKS collection.

The Casa das Marinhas (1954-57) corresponds to what Viana de Lima would designate as “the manor of modern times.”

What does this house communicate to us, what does its iconicity evoke? Is it the image of the traditional mill that portrays the construction, or is it the legacy of the retreat dwelling? Or is it the contemporary fusion of this heritage in the current museum house?

Architect Viana de Lima’s family refuge project, VL, currently operates at the intersection of these three distinct images that ascend to the observer’s imagination. The primary structure of the mill, the reflection of an intimate character resulting from the architect’s action, and the contemporary reflection, a consequence of the unfolding of a chronicle that turned the house into a public facility. At the turn of the century, this new perspective reconfigures the architect’s sense, subordinating today the unified achievements.

Under its brilliance, the private house is transformed into a museum. It is not possible to contain the property in the sphere of the private phenomenon because it possesses exclusive energy that is also not indifferent to the common citizen. From this perspective, the house transitions into the public domain as a sign of plurality, disguised as heritage by imposition to save it from collapse and ashes. The new heritage guise brings together a set of indivisible principles that cannot be isolated because they belong to a unified whole. The good cannot be separated from the values it carries. The scale of affectation of these values is variable, and they merge, generating such good, heritage. By force of law, classification condenses the collective of public factors, since individual judgment does not generate consensus, which could weaken the good.







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