Published on the occasion of Jacqueline Humphries’ exhibition at the Wexner Center for the Arts, this major catalog surveys the artist’s work from the past seven years, including dozens of new paintings and her largest multipanel installations to date.
The exhibition and its accompanying catalog highlight the importance of digital communications and online culture in Humphries's ever-changing practice. Incorporating the QWERTY keyboard as a means of generating abstract forms, the artist's recent paintings integrate emoticons, emojis, CAPTCHAs and ASCII text as layers of mark-making in dense and vivid works. Other featured works explore the visual language of corporate logos; black light paintings presented in darkened spaces; a group of protest paintings that subtly channel political dissent; and thickly painted renderings of white noise, in which digital content receives viscerally material application. Across each body of work, Humphries reaffirms her ongoing commitment to abstract painting, while bringing a seemingly traditional form into dialogue with the issues and interfaces that shape contemporary life.






August 2022

ISBN 9781941366370

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