jaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome
Published by Jap Sam Books

Conceived by Antonis Pittas, this eye-catching neon publication examines the failure, collapse, and historicization of the modernist ideals espoused by Theo van Doesburg, set against the political backdrop of mass protest. It therefore more broadly presents an examination of modernism itself, where De Stijl is approached through a political “lens” in relation to the present. Included are contributions by Thalia Ostendorf, Bram Ieven, Dirk van den Heuvel, Maria Barnas, Bart Rutten, and others. Pittas’s artistic practice broadly focuses on contemporary social and political issues, exploring topics such as safety and control, economic crises and acts of resistance, and violence and vandalism.







ISBN 9789492852441

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