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This unassuming book distinguishes itself in the documentary photo book category with a relevant social theme through its systematic and surprising approach.『Imagine』 brings together portraits of various 'stateless' individuals—those without an officially recognized nationality. The book allocates ample space to each interviewee, featuring their portraits, stories, and a series of photographs zooming in on their hands in a consistent sixteen-page layout. This rigid structure creates a somewhat alienating effect, mirroring the stifling impact of bureaucracy.

The printing leans towards the darker side, possibly a deliberate choice to impart an everyday, non-glossy appearance that underscores the humanity of the subjects and complements the subdued tones of the sections. However, this choice might result in a lack of visual freshness. The various perspectives used in the photographs foster identification; readers naturally compare their own hands to those portrayed in the book. This effect is subtly echoed in the cover typography, where the words 'imagine' intersect with various names, allowing readers to see phrases like 'I'm Christina,' 'I'm anonymous,' and 'I'm Lynn.' Each section is assigned a distinct color, a detail also reflected in the well-crafted spine, emphasizing the diversity of stories without resorting to clichéd associations with the rainbow







ISBN 9789083225166

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