I don't need a cloak to become invisible
Published by Spector Books

Cordula Ditz’s newest research publication, I don’t need a cloak to become invisible, brings together over four hundred images selected from the online selling platform eBay. Nearly all are selfies taken by women or photographs of women, who offer what they wear for sale while disguising their faces. The artist transfers images gleaned from online listings from across Germany and the United States into printed matter in form of an artist book. In its pages, Ditz assembles the found images into collages, that in layout and size come close to that of glossy fashion magazines. The compositions range from the size of a smartphone screen to an entire page. Views of the same clothes from the front, side and back are displayed alongside one another – referencing the way in which a potential buyer may first have encountered the various items for sale, ordered by a swiping tool. By drawing attention to these images in toto, removed from their original context, Ditz’s project approaches a case study of female visibility online.






September 2022

ISBN 9783959056557

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