Georgia / Armenia
Published by Slanted Publishers

2023년 8월, 라스 하름센 Lars Harmsen, 마르쿠스 랑에 Markus Lange, 르네 바르츠키에비츠 Rene Wawrzkiewicz로 구성된 팀이 조지아 Georgia의 트빌리시 Tbilisi에서 아르메니아 Armenia의 예레반 Yerevan으로 여행을 떠났습니다. 그들은 여행 중 수많은 디자이너와 예술가들의 스튜디오를 방문하며, 이 두 개의 독특하면서도 서로 연결된 국가를 정의하는 풍부한 재능의 태피스트리를 발견했습니다. 트빌리시와 예레반은 모두 창의성, 다양성, 지성의 중심지로 떠오르고 있습니다. 공통의 국경을 공유하면서도 각 도시는 고유한 성격을 지니고 있어 다양한 경험을 제공합니다.


Welcome to a captivating journey through the vibrant landscapes of creativity, culture, and history in Slanted’s Special Issue Georgia/Armenia.

In August 2023, a team, including Lars Harmsen, Markus Lange, and Rene Wawrzkiewicz, embarked on a journey from Tbilisi, Georgia, to Yerevan, Armenia. Along the way, they delved into the studios of numerous designers and artists, unearthing the rich tapestry of talent that defines these two distinct yet interconnected nations. In the heart of the Caucasus, both Tbilisi and Yerevan emerge as beacons of creativity, diversity, and intelligence. Despite sharing a common border, each city resonates with its unique character, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Wojciech Górecki, an analyst at the Centre for Eastern Studies in Warsaw, provides a brilliant introduction to Georgia, highlighting its geographical position in Asia while underscoring its historical ties to Europe. From independent principalities to a united Georgian kingdom, Górecki paints a vivid picture of a nation shaped by a rich history, autonomy in the Orthodox Church, and the influential role of women, exemplified by the remarkable Queen Tamara.

The stories of Tbilisi and Yerevan intertwine with geopolitical significance, shaping the South Caucasus region. Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, stands as a geopolitical hub, its history marked by Russian influence and the 2008 war over South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Georgia’s aspirations for EU and NATO membership, coupled with ongoing territorial disputes with Russia, define Tbilisi’s resilience and quest for independence, making it a pivotal player in regional politics.

Turning our attention to Armenia, Krzysztof Strachota, Head of the Turkey, Caucasus, and Central Asia Department at the Centre for Eastern Studies, sheds light on the complexities of a country often overlooked on the map. Armenia, nestled between Russia, Iran, and Turkey, faces the enduring reality of a never-declared war with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, creating a tumultuous backdrop for its ongoing struggles and geopolitical dynamics.

Against the backdrop of Mount Ararat, Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, bears witness to the intricate dynamics of the South Caucasus. A testament to Armenia’s enduring struggle for independence and ongoing conflicts with Azerbaijan, Yerevan’s geopolitics are shaped by a Soviet past and the unresolved issues surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh.







ISBN 9783948440688

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