False Gestalt
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호주 출신 예술가 제프 깁슨 Jeff Gibson의 예술 세계는 현대 문화의 복잡성을 반영하는 다양한 접근 방식으로 지난 40년간 전개되었습니다. 미술사학자 웨스 힐 Wes Hill은 예술 평론가 토마스 크로우 Thomas Crow와 수잔 베스트 Susan Best와 함께 『False Gestalt』에서 제프 깁슨의 다채로운 경력을 탐구합니다. 이 책은 브리즈번과 투움바에서 시작된 펑크와 뉴 웨이브 운동에서의 초기 활동, 픽처스 제너레이션 Pictures Generation, 네오 팝 Neo-Pop 운동과의 교류, 그리고 최근의 유형학적 콜라주를 보여주고 있습니다.


예술 잡지 아트 앤 텍스트 Art & Text와 아트포럼 Artforum에서 편집자로 활동한 경험이 있는 제프 깁슨은 그 영향을 받아 다양한 문화적 및 미디어 이미지를 재사용하고 재구성하고 있습니다. 이러한 관점에서 제프 깁슨의 예술 작품은 이미지와 관람자 간의 상호 관계를 강조하는 중요한 출발점으로 적용합니다.


Jeff Gibson’s relationship to art could hardly be described as narrow in its focus. For the best part of forty years, the Australian artist’s output has spanned continents and approaches, reflecting and refracting the tangle of images, texts, and broader cultural phenomena that crowds the contemporary.

Written and edited by art historian Wes Hill – with critical contributions from key international voices, including Thomas Crow, Susan Best, Tara Heffernan, and Angela Goddard – Jeff Gibson: False Gestalt takes a comprehensive deep dive into Gibson’s career as an artist, writer, and editor. From his formative years immersed in the Brisbane and Toowoomba punk and new wave scenes, and his excavations of the Pictures Generation, Neo-Pop, and public art in Sydney, to his more recent explorations of typological collage and the countertype – comprising precisely cropped, layered, and arranged internet and mass-media imagery – Gibson’s practice is characterised by an appetite for scouring, re-appropriating, and reframing an ocean of images, graphic materials, and cultural flotsam. His time as a senior editor of the influential Art & Text, and his ongoing two-decade tenure as managing editor of Artforum in New York, only work to enrich our reading of his broader oeuvre.

As Hill suggests, Gibson’s work hovers amid what W.J.T. Mitchell frames as the ‘double consciousness’ of images – the unique ability of pictures to induce naive belief and analytical suspicion. In Jeff Gibson: False Gestalt, the artist emerges as both a cultural sponge and a critical mirror, enmeshed wholly in the viewing, making, and discursive wrangling of the image. His artworks are starting points rather than conclusions. Just as we make pictures, pictures make us.







ISBN 9781922545305

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