An Acrylic Glass Pyramid and Three Pendulums attached to a Triangle on a Table
Published by Edition Patrick Frey

Never loving the static presentation of art found in the common exhibition catalog, Swiss contemporary artist Athene Galiciadis (b. 1978) chose to show her work in a way that allows the art to lead the viewer as opposed to the essay or curators leading the viewer. In An Acrylic Glass Pyramid and Three Pendulums Attached to a Triangle on a Table, a timeline of the artists work and of those who inspired her have been created. featured are works printed on graph paper of figures, spirals, patterns, vases, and a self-portrait, as well as photographic documents inspired by an early twentieth-century Swiss artist, healer, and visionary, emma Kunz, known for her geometrical drawings made on graph paper with the aid of a pendulum. Based on Kunzs precise empirical approach to producing knowledge and art, Galiciadis has created this new series of monochromatic colored pencil drawings, whose configurations of shape and pattern draw us into her perceptions and interpretation of the world.






August 2018

ISBN 9783906803609

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