After Matisse
Published by Almine Recht

Published following the eponymous exhibitions at Almine Rech Gallery, Paris, in 2022, and at Musée Matisse, Nice, in 2023.

With his Great American Nudes series of the Sixties, Tom Wesselmann turned the Matissian odalisque into a pop icon. Subsequently, Matisse's work remained a central reference in his search for visual effectiveness and overload.

After Matisse explores the multiple ways in which the artist expressed his admiration for Matisse, from his first collages in 1959 to his last works, the Sunset Nudes series in the 2000s. They reflect different modes of appropriation: works based on Matisse, direct quotations, or, more profoundly, a Matissian conception of colour and surface.







ISBN 9782931236000

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