Published by Building Fictions

『333』 is a monograph cleverly disguised as a graphic novel, a format that aligns well with Lukas Rehm's narrative video work. The book weaves together a mix of stills, drawings, text fragments (transcriptions), and descriptions to create an intriguing and atmospheric whole. The execution is superb, showcasing great skill in the use of fluorescent inks, with pitch-black blacks and vibrant Pantone colors for different chapters.

The lively and contrasting pages contribute to a dynamic reading experience. The highly detailed foil printing on the cover is particularly impressive. Additionally, there is a multimedia element with Rehm's accompanying soundscape for each chapter, accessible via a QR code. This tasteful addition enhances the tactile and sensory experience of the book. Overall, 333 is a well-crafted and thoughtful example of how the essence of moving images can be effectively translated into book form.







ISBN 9789082771299

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