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Anna Tsitsishvili’s Tbilisi delivers us a contemporary outlook on Georgia’s vibrant capital at the crossroads between East and West. Her photobook attests that photography can play a role in putting the city back on the map by creating a new visual narrative that transcends the past to embrace authentic moments. Notably, the Soviet era has provided us with a glossy portrayal of the city under the empire, with the aim to convey some specific values through photography that is typical of regimes. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a subtle melancholy has seeped into those photographs. This sentiment reflected the post-imperial events and the Russian occupation, which have left an indelible mark on the entire country, the city, and its inhabitants. A new generation of photographers though has emerged in the past years, with a vision that tries to respond to that sentiment by going beyond the façade and breaking ties with the past. In their images the city looks past the streets, the buildings and the cityscapes. They venture into courtyards, homes, into the private life of people and their sincere details. Anna Tsitsishvili does so too – with her photobook she captivates us primarily with her genuineness. From sumptuous old apartments to lived contemporary rooms, from daily commutes to encounters in the busy streets, a sense of everyday poetry permeates her all-color selection. The hidden narratives behind the photographs beckon us to immerse ourselves in the essence of Tbilisi. She invites us into a sincere dialogue.






November 2023

ISBN 9789464770841

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