Fridge Food Soul
Published by Edition Patrick Frey

French photographer and musician Olivier Degorce is usually associated with the emergence of the 1990s electronic music scene, where he was one of the first to compulsively document the Paris raves and electric underground scene. But with camera always in hand, he created many more series, which are only now coming to light. In Fridge Food Soul, Degorce became fascinated with the contents of peoples refrigerators, creating a voluminous archive of images from 1993 to 2017. Using various cameras, from large formal to point and shoot, he captured the colors and smells of items fresh and long expired, while never missing an opportunity to raid a fridge and capture the sheer diversity of individual eating habits. The final presentation is a totally engaging and voyeuristic-like collection of contemporary still lifes. Ranging from the minimal to the most disgusting, the 130 close-up color images pull you into a world that you cannot stop observing.






January 2018

ISBN 9783906803623

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