Fortytwomagazine #6: Beliefs
Published by Slanted Publishers

fortytwomagazine is a gateway to a world of wonder and knowledge, providing 10 perspectives on relevant topics of our time through insights from leading scientists worldwide. The mission is to ignite curiosity, stimulate conversations, and promote a deeper understanding of the world we live in. In this issue, the magazine gathers ten intriguing perspectives on the topic of beliefs, from the micro to the macro perspective. Whether exploring the impact of language on our beliefs, the role of beliefs in global politics, or the function of beliefs in everyday interactions, no stone is left unturned. The issue features interviews with renowned experts from a variety of disciplines such as inter religious studies, neuroscience, economics, social psychology, and more. Gathering bits and pieces to better understand the world around you.






September 2023

ISBN 9783948440510

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