148 Oblique Drawings
Published by Apartamento

‘But here it is, much better than before…our proposal for a monumental structure to test the permanence of objects (so on some nights, the moon stays too)’.

148 Oblique Drawings by Serban Ionescu (and 1 large machine made of words) lures readers into Serban Ionescu’s sketchbook where the artist’s vibrant creations, with their playful, architectural spirit, live alongside a poem made with the help of friends and family of the Ionescu–Apartamento universes. The art book compiles a series of images made throughout Serban’s daily drawing practice from 2020–2023, which relied on ‘the same ruler, the same size paper…and the flow of watercolour’.

Fellow artists and creatives—including Katie Stout, Minjae Kim, Todd Selby, Dodie Bellamy, KAWS, Swizz Beatz, and Stefan Marx, among others—lent titles to each work which have been tamped together into what Serban calls ‘some kind of exquisite corpse/Frankenstein found poem’, the driving force of the book aka a large machine made of words. 148 Oblique Drawings is an exercise in imagination, drawing readers into the machinery of chance and innovation. It’s a natural evolution of the long-standing relationship between the Romanian-born, typically New York (although currently Brussels-based) artist and Apartamento, which started with a feature in issue #24 of the magazine and has been cemented with a number of collaborations, including the publication of A Thing on a Table in a House, Serban’s first book, in 2021.

벨기에 브뤼셀을 기반으로 활동하는 아티스트 세르반 이오네스쿠 Serban Ionescu의 『148 Oblique Drawings』는 '같은 자, 같은 크기의 종이... 그리고 수채화의 흐름'에 의존해 2020년부터 2023년까지 세르반 이오네스쿠가 매일 드로잉 연습을 하면서 만든 일련의 이미지들을 모아놓은 것입니다. 이오네스쿠-아파르타멘토 Ionescu-Apartamento 세계관의 친구와 가족들의 도움으로 만들어진 시와 함께 장난스럽고 건축적인 정신이 깃든 작가의 생동감 넘치는 창작물을 담고 있습니다.






October 2023

ISBN 9788409519538

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